How we nearly hacked and gained administrator rights to a computer.

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In dealing with the topic of IT Security I thought that I would share the story of how a colleague and I nearly gained administrator control of a computer.  I say nearly, because it was possibly for us to have gained control of the computer, but it could have cost us our jobs, so we decided to rather wait a day and get the administrative rights to the computer the proper way. So my colleague and I were busy deploying software to a workstation which was part of the work that we had to do. But Read more [...]

How private is your internet browsing?

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Well I missed posting a blog entry on Saturday, but I will make up for that now. Recently I started using Firefox, due to an error which I experienced in the Google Chrome browser and after the bug in Chrome was fixed I continued using Firefox. And then one day Firefox released a plugin called Lightbeam. Up until that point I was not aware that sites were able to track who you are, and what other sites you are visiting. Each site that you visit put's its tracking cookie on your computer, and Read more [...]

Password keepers, my thoughts…

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Good morning everyone, So it's nearly a week since I got engaged. I got engaged on the day after Valentines day, I did not want to do it on Valentines day, so I did it on the Sunday evening after a lovely dinner at Melrose Arch. Last week my first blog post was successful, and I managed to get in some comments and a bit of discussion. The question that I got was about password keepers \ password stores, so I thought that I would write about my thoughts on that today. These days there Read more [...]

How to choose a secure password

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Good morning everyone, today is Valentines day. So happy Valentines day. I did not manage to get up early to treat my special someone to a surprise visit this morning. But alas all is not lost, I will do something special for her a bit later. I have recently decided to change the theme of my blog to IT Security. I did an email course by a guy by the name of John Sonmez ( on how to create a blog. And this blog is the end product of the course, but yet the beginning of Read more [...]