From cloudy to sparkling clear water

By 17th April 2017Home, Pool

When we inherited our pool it was initially green. I have worked hard at getting the pool back into good shape. With zero prior pool maintenance knowledge and experience I began my adventure of getting the pool blue.  The initial work was not too hard but it did involve floccing and vacuuming the pool. The pool was then blue – however I never manged to get the pool water sparking clear. An over night clarifier would get the pool clear, but only for a couple of days, and then it would revert back to its previous cloudy blue state.

Then around February or March I went into a pool shop to buy a clarifier & to see whether they could assist me. The pool shop pointed out that I shouldn’t be using a clarifier to get the pool clear but that it was an indication of a chemical imbalance problem.  The pool shop asked me to bring in a sample of water. The water sample showed that I needed to increase the total alkalinity of the water. So I added the Bicarb as instructed. But then the pool seemed to get really really cloudy, so that one could not even see the bottom of the pool in the deep end. The pool cleaner just seemed to disappear into the water.

I decided then to abandon the advise that the pool shop gave to me as the testing equipment that they were using was the same as my testing equipment. So I followed the advise of a friend who recommended that I add acid into the pool. I started using my pool testing equipment on a daily basis to check how the adjustments I made had an effect on the readings. Still the pool did not clear up as expected.

The second step that I took was to flocc the pool with an Alumn focculant. This seemed to be the first thing that I had done which seemed to be in the right direction. All the small pieces sunk to the bottom of the pool, and then I vacuumed the bottom of the pool.

Third adjustment I did after this was to start using an HtH chlorine floater to dispense chlorine into the pool, and stopped adding cup fulls of chlorine manually everyday. I think that either I was putting in too much chlorine manually, or perhaps it was a result of using a generic chlorine instead of the slightly more expensive HtH chlorine.

Fourth adjustment was to brush the sides and stir the water every morning. Also trying to ensure that the water doesn’t become stagnant.

Fifth adjustment, is since the floccing the total alkalinity had dropped to around 60ppm, so I added in two smaller doses of bicarb about a week apart. The total alkalinity has got higher, but I still need to adjust it a little more to get it to the 80ppm recommended range.

The sixth adjustment was slightly less obvious. I set the pool pump to run twice a day, once in the morning for 4 hours, and then in the evening for another 4 hours to total 8 hours of recommended filtering. My thoughts on this was that the water may becoming stagnant during the day.

Gradually over the next couple of weeks the pool got clearer and clearer. And is now looking like the picture below.

Unfortunately our pool has stains on the floor bottom which is what the markings you see are, however the water is crystal clear, and has remained clear for the last month with out any further chemicals added, apart from the Hth chlorine floater.

If you have some interesting pool stories, I would love to hear them – you can share in the comment section below.